Planning for a Lifetime of Vacations

We understand puppies and kittens, and their developmental stages and growth. You don’t want to leave your fur-baby behind, but your upcoming trip just isn’t right for them. We can provide the fun, loving and stimulating vacation your puppy or kitten deserves,  and the peace of mind you need to ensure a stress-free holiday for the rest of the family. This may be the first but it won’t be the last time you need your little one to have care outside your home, we make sure that your puppy and kitten only has positive memories of your time away !!

Customized Care endorsed by Veterinarians

  • They need specialized care and more of it to ensure all your training thus far isn’t wasted
  • Different stages of a puppies development can affect their ability to handle change. Our expert caregivers work to ensure this is a positive experience that promotes a lifetime of Travel


  • Extra feeding
  • Extra toileting / cleaning of litter
  • Extra Play – organized and supervised to ensure safety and positive develoopment
  • Extra people time – these are furry members of a human pack, we want to keep it that way for you and your family
  • Extra Love – they’re babies after all !
View our Puppy Packages – Kitten add-ons available at time of booking