Here at Royal Pets, we are thrilled to offer our Levels Training in Family Manners for Canines.

Whether you have a new Pandemic Puppy or your older dog has some issues that interfere with their companionship role in your family, we can help !! We offer family manners training and intervention in two different ways. Neither option relies on a once-a-week hour class with you. Our experience has taught us that the success rate for these classes is very low. It is all dependant upon your ability to spend the time and consistency teaching your dog. We are happy to offer guidance and advice on doing that, but you don’t need to pay for a class to get it 🐶

Wiggly Wednesdays (intro to Daycare and independence)

Ideal for your Pandemic Puppy, our Wiggly Wednesdays are an opportunity for your puppy to socialize with both new people and new puppies safely.

The early months are essential for your puppy’s cognitive and physical development as well as socialization. Think of the first seven years of a Human child’s development and what it would mean to be isolated and miss those milestones. But it’s also prudent to avoid exposing your puppy to the whole wide world before they are either ready or when there could be a risk of a negative experience (an example might be a public dog park). We will provide crucial learning opportunities while ensuring we use all sensible precautions. We have put together a wealth of experiences that will help prepare your puppy for the next stages and a rewarding lifetime spent with your family.

Jobs for Dogs™️ – Pawsitive Puppy Development

Imagine sending your puppy to preschool every week and they learn good behaviours, lessons are constantly and consistently being reinforced. Everything is done at the appropriate stages of development and on a continual basis.  Sounds awesome doesnt it ? Thats what our Pawsitive Puppy Development does. Following our Levels Puppy Training you will recieve instruction on each stage of your puppies training and what you can be doing at home.

Jobs for Dogs™️ – Defined Behaviour Training

Just like with our Puppy training our Behaviour training takes place  during a specialized version of “dog daycare”. A regular schedule of day long intervention mixed with fun, that is one on one with our trainer and caregivers. Issues with basic family manners are the leading cause of family/pet strife. Everything from a dog that refuses to come back, stay or drop stolen items, leash behaviour or poor reactions to new things, are all things that can be alleviated with better training in family manners.  Our trainer will work with you to develop a custom plan to tackle issues you may be having with you and your families enjoyment of your pet.

Board and Behave – Board and Train

Just like our Jobs for Dogs™️ day programs we have our Board and Train program for family manners.  Our trainer will work with you to decide on a program length to best suit you and your fur family based on dogs age, breed and human family structure. All day every day your pet will receive instruction on good behaviours with positive reinforcement.  No this is not boot camp, this is your fur family, so they will stay at a luxury hotel with comfortable accommodation, outstanding professional care and lots of fun. In fact we make learning fun, all day every day !

On-Line Remote

Just looking for some fun things that you and your family can do with your puppy or growing dog. Trick training isn’t just about some performance pieces to show off. Trick training incorporates all the basics of training and can be a fun way for the whole family to learn about the importance of repetition and consistency when training your dog.