Puppy Play Saturday

February 12th at 10am and running every other Saturday!

Let your puppy join us while you run errands or just take a break. Your puppy will enjoy safe socialization, mentally stimulating play, much needed independence and fun, fun, fun. 

Whether this is a singular fun event or an intro to a longer term relationship, your puppy will enjoy age appropriate play, make new friends, expand their horizons with new environments, experiences and people. It is important for your dogs development to experience time away from home and those familiar to them to develop their self confidence. Why not have fun while doing it !


FAQ for Puppy Play

Q: How old should my Puppy be ? What vaccines are required ?

A: We only place a restriction on the upper end of the age scale. We ask that attendees be less than 12 months of age. On the younger end of attendance we ask that attendees have received at least their 2nd set of core vaccines as well as a Bordatella (nasal or oral) vaccine. After 6 months of age we expect all puppies to be fully vaccinated (3 rounds) with Rabies.


Q: I only want to come one or two dates, do I have to sign up to all the dates ?

A: Each date is an individual party. Sign up for as many as you like.


Q: How much does party attendance cost ?

A: $30 per party, we ask that you pay online through our customer portal. Once a profile is created you can request attendance. Once we have verified vaccines we will ask for a credit card to process the fee.


Q: I only want to come to the party but the link provided sent me to a full customer registration with Royal Pets ?

A: Absolutely you are still being sent to the right spot. The expectation is that you are providing the necessary information for the party only. You will be providing all the pet information we need to ensure the safety of all our puppy guests. We ask for you to register as a client, even for a 4 hour party, to reduce the incidence of abandonment that is an unfortunate byproduct of the surge in COVID puppies. County and even province wide we are known for our commitment to the wellbeing of our guests, this has led, on occasion, to us being used as slightly less guilt ridden option to leave a pet without returning. We create the full profile to reduce this from happening.


Q: I am concerned about my little puppy getting hurt, there’s a big difference between 10 weeks and 10 months ?

A: An extremely valid concern and one of the reasons we hold our puppy parties. We will be paying attention to the age, size, Breed, sex and even individual maturity levels when dividing our party goers into their play groups. We want them to experience new dogs, different aged dogs and different breeds, BUT we want to do this to create positive habits and NOT phobias. So our professional staff will be acting proactively to create Pawsitive interactions and memories.