Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who cares for my pet when the office is closed ?

A: Our office hours aren’t the same as our care hours. Pet care is the priority of our care givers and to ensure they can focus on our guests we have separate staff to handle phones, reservations and front desk duties. Our office hours reflect when that staff is available. For the safety of those caregivers who are working before and after our office hours, we lock the gates to the property when the office is closed but caregivers are still present.


Q: Why should we bag each meal?

A: It ensures consistency for your pet by eliminating any possibility of miscommunication between parents and our team over measurements. You would be amazed at how many interpretations of  a cup, or a scoop there are, we won’t even get into handfuls 🐶. It also allows us to easily incorporate your pets own diet into our established routine leaving more quality time to be spent with your pet.


Q: Why do I have to pay for an extra day after 11am ?

A: There has to be a point where we start calling it a new day and begin charging for it. Whilst certainly some people only checked in late in the afternoon and others first thing the previous day, everyone has received care including feeding, toilet breaks, health checks, cuddles etc, and the hotel room. Care begins again promptly at 6am. Just like a traditional hotel we need to manage our inventory of rooms and therefore if a guest has not checked out by 11, we will likely miss the opportunity to clean and prepare that room for the next guest coming in. For the first 27 years the hotel charged after 10am, however since 2010 we have brought our policy in line with traditional people hotels and maintain 11am as the point where we need to start calling it a new day.

Q: How many dogs can share a room?

A: Whilst our rooms are considered by traditional Kennel standards to be big enough to house 4 large dogs, it would not be what we call luxury accommodation. Our safety and comfort preferences dictate that everybody would be much more comfortable choosing room mates amongst our siblings and sharing two suites rather than one if you have more than 3 dogs. Four toy dogs could potentially safely and happily share a suite if they were so inclined. Only families who reside together at home on a permanent basis are allowed to share accommodation.