Dog Daycare

Here at Royal Pets Hotel and Spa we believe we don’t have to sacrifice safety for the sake of fun. We encourage responsible play. All our day care dogs are tested on socialization skills and are assigned play groups based on size, temperament, age and play style.
  1. Small Group Sizes – 3-5 dogs
  2. Rest in a bedroom not a cage
  3. Supervision and positive reinforcement at all times
  4. Free Trial Day
  5. Available 7-7 Monday to Friday – looking for Saturday’s ? Weekend Daycare
  6. 3 convenient price points and comittment levels
  7. Also Available enhanced enrichment for your dogs wellbeing – enquire today !

Interested in coming regularly for daycare ? We know you and your pet will love the difference that is Doggie Daycare & Enrichment  at Royal Pets. We are so confident that we want you to have a free trial day. Our trials run from 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday.  Call our Reservation desk or complete the form below to organize your intro. Once registered and part of a regular Day Care Group we can provide access, Monday thru Friday from 7:00am – 7pm.

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3 commitment levels for Weekday Dog Daycare

Pay as you go Pay in advance (5 days)5 Pay in advance – Commit to Regular Daycare
Access Office hours 9am-5pm Monday – Friday 7am-7pm Monday – Friday 7am- 7pm

when vacationing, days can be used for daily activities – you’ll just pay the overnight boarding rate

Cost $30 / day + hst $30/day ($150 + hst) $25/day ($375 + hst)
Duration of vailidty Day of purchase Money spent never expires* 4 months**

*we will always honour the monetary value of your purchase and will be fair when assessing if further charges are necessary because of a long idle package (i.e. days purchased at $25 /day in 2011 cannot be honoured in 2018, we will use the $25 towards the current costs of daycare).

** we are able to offer a discount for regularly attending daycare guests because we have come to know them and how they interact with a particular group of dogs. When absent for extended periods of time many factors could have changed such as the current participants of the group, age and hormones of other guests or your dog, behavioural changes of your and other dogs etc. All those factors and more can mean a period of reintegration.  For this reason we specify a time frame for the days to encourage regular usage ( @ once a week). But… life doesn’t always go to schedule, if you are going to have an interruption in attendance – please let us know and we may be able to help.