Dog Daycare

Do you need someone to entertain your dog during the day, now and again ? Or Does your dog need to have a purpose during the day while you work ? Maybe your dog has some training needs, or you’ve just got a new puppy and need help ?

We have the space, training and will take the time, to cater to different needs

Here at Royal Pets Hotel we offer 2 different overall styles of Dog Daycare, all delivered at our state of the art indoor and outdoor facility, with bedrooms and individual outside porches for rest (no crates)! We offer Flexi-Sitting for those who don’t know when or how often they will need to bring their pets, and Jobs for Dogs™️ for regular attendees. These are both unique offerings to the area, So please read on or call us to understand the difference that is Royal Pets Hotel Dog Daycare and enrichment.

Dog Daycare – Flexi-Sitting

Here at Royal Pets Hotel and Spa we believe we don’t have to sacrifice safety for the sake of fun. We encourage responsible play, fresh air and enrichment. If you need a day away and don’t want to leave your fur-baby alone, then Flexi Sitting is the option for you.

🐾 Yard play, woodland walk and regular toilet breaks all day

🐾 Caregivers present and activity taking place all day – not home alone

🐾Available 7-7 Monday to Friday (9-5 without pkg purchase) looking for Saturday’s ? Weekend Daycare

Dog Daycare – Jobs for Dogs™️

We offer an enrichment based program for our Dog Daycare. Experts now agree that focusing on all day play  is neither universally enjoyable or even beneficial for your family pet. Indeed the pioneers of Dog Daycare advocate against all day play and the large group setting you have become accustomed to seeing at most daycare facilities.

So What can you do ? You want your dogs to have fun, exercise and be occupied all day while you work ! Jobs for Dogs™️ Daycare at Royal Pets Hotel is designed to do all that and improve manners, recall and focus.

Royal Pets Jobs for Dogs™️  Is still about play, having fun with dog friends, fresh air and excercise. And it is still about activity all day. But we arent stopping at play, we are offering what your dog craves: structure, routine and attention while doing that play.

Each structured day is filled with  different activities, each designed to focus on at least one of those core needs, AND doing it while having fun.

🐾 Social

🐾 Purpose (Job)

🐾 Emotional (training)

🐾 Mental (skill)

Its a mix between, playing with friends (dogs and/or people) and one on one activities.

The results are satisfied and filled with purpose family pets.

Priced from $40- $53 /day, all inclusive pkgs including grooming available.

It doesnt stop there. Because of the unique structures of both our program AND our facility…We can offer Jobs for Dogs™️ to those traditionally excluded from dog daycare and those who need experience and training to become socially adept enough fro group play. Puppies ? We have a specialist Puppy program too!

Interested in coming regularly for enrichment during the day ? We know you and your pet will love the difference that is Doggie Daycare – Jobs for Dogs™️ at Royal Pets. Our trials run from Monday thru Friday.  Call our Reservation desk or complete the form below to organize your intro.

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