Rates for Dog Accommodation and Care (formerly known as Dog Boarding)

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Doggy Pricing – valid until February 28, 2020, Click here to learn more about why and how our prices change.

*** we are currently updating our site – please phone for current rates …. 705-726-5034


Military Discounts – Having serviced our soldiers and their families for over 30 years we are proud to offer a special designed, discounted and expense policy approved all inclusive boarding package and where applicable airport transportation package. Just flag when booking and we would be happy to send the details.

Long term discounts for dog boarding stays of 28 days or more are also available. Contact us – we’d love to help you plan your furry family’s vacation.

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How our pricing works…

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, every dog is unique and has a lifestyle they are accustomed to. Many factors affect what your dog is going to want or need, everything from age, breed or just what they are accustomed to. So we start with the basics that every dog regardless of these factors needs – you’ll recognize our starting point as where most others finish.

⚜️Luxury hotel suite, fully furnished and outdoor porch / mini back yard to enjoy the fresh air (family members can share)

⚜️Loving care and interaction provided by our professionally certified caregivers

⚜️Meals prepared and served as per your instructions, 2 times a day

⚜️Change and monitor water bowl throughout the day, freshening a minimum 3 times daily (more often as necessary)

⚜️Take care of all your dog’s toileting needs, making sure they get outside to go (at least 3 toilet breaks a day, monitoring the need for more)

⚜️Daily five point wellness checks by our Veterinary Technicians

⚜️Responsive updates via phone or email

……and then you pick the appropriate care level specific to your dog. We have 3 adult care levels, specialized puppy, senior /medical and the ability to add a la carte items creating infinite possibilities for your pets perfect vacation. Our different care levels are described below. We have pre-populated with the most common way to spend time allotted to each level. We will spend the time as you or your dog would like. So choose based on the level of time and interaction desired/required:





Dog Boarding Activities and Packagesmaguire

Experience clearly shows that pets who enjoy daily exercise and human interaction are happier and healthier, especially while they’re away from home and in a Dog Boarding Situation.

For that reason, when Dog Boarding at Royal Pets, our guests can choose from a variety of activities that provide that needed exercise, socialization, private time with the staff, pampering in the salon, and just plain fun!

Some of our Fun Activities Include:


Individual with one of our staff that focuses on what your dog prefers, including fetch, tug-of-war, chase me, cuddle time, and just rolling in the grass or snow.

Play Datesplaydates

Dogs who are social and play well with other dogs can have a blast with our safe and supervised play dates. Group Play (greater than 2) is only available for our regular doggie daycare attendees, but we can arrange for new friends to be made one on one while vacationing at our Dog Boarding facilities.

Woodland Walks

A recreational walk through our woods on one of our groomed trails. We keep them groomed year round so the enjoyment never stops.

Story Time and Tuck-inspug in woods

Just like at home, the ultimate pampering! Private time with one of our staff who will cuddle your pet, read a bed-time story, and prepare your pet for a quiet and peaceful night of rest.

Homemade, Yummy Treats- What fun!

Delicious, home-made treats to give your pet a great mid-day break. Seasonal comforts made fresh daily.

Bathing & Grooming

Treat your pampered pooch or fabulous feline to a refreshing bath and brush, nail trim, shed control or a full grooming & styling appointment in our Spa.

Discounted Activity Bundles –

just like when you vacation, your dog can sign up for excursion and fun, beyond our already outstanding 5 Star Care.

Whether you stay with our basic care or upgrade to one of our activity bundles (bundling saves money when choosing more than one activity per day), or even decide to design your own customized bundle of fun is entirely up to the demands/desires of your pet. Sometimes a relaxing weekend resting in the country is what’s desired, others prefer a bit more action and pampering. Either way we are sure to have something to suit every pet, lifestyle and budget.

*Please note that there is an additional $6.00 charge for the first night of every stay* to provide for our exclusive Pet Gurr-antee.

All prices are subject to HST

Vaccination Requirements