Why Socialization is crucial ?

The early months are essential for your puppy’s development. Similar to the first seven years of a human child’s development, these first months are critical for your puppy. Missing out on these milestones due to isolation or worse yet having ill timed or even negative experiences, can significantly impact their growth and behaviour.

  • Cognitive Development – Helps your puppy learn and adapt to new environments

  • Physical Development –  Promote Muscle development and co-ordination

  • Socialization – Teaches your puppy how to safely interact with other dogs and humans.

Wiggly Wednesdays

Preparing your Puppy for a lifetime of family fun !

Play is vital for your puppy’s growth. It’s not just fun; it’s educational.

Play is a critical aspect of your Puppy’s development. Through play, puppies learn important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

  • Interactive Games – Foster problem-solving abilities and enhance mental agility.

  • Physical Activities – Promote muscle development and coordination.

  • Play Dates – Encourage social skills and proper behaviour when interacting with other dogs.

Our Wiggly Wednesdays are designed to incorporate a variety of fun and engaging activities that stimulate both mind and body, ensuring your puppy enjoys every moment while learning valuable skills.

Safe and Structured Environment

While socialization is important, it’s equally crucial to avoid exposing your puppy to overwhelming or negative experiences, such as those found in a public dog park. Our Wiggly Wednesdays provide a structured environment where your puppy can safely explore and learn.

  • Controlled Setting – Ensures that all interactions are positive and beneficial.

  • Experienced Supervision – Our team of externally trained experts supervises all activities to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience

  • Safety Precautions-  We use all sensible precautions to protect your puppy’s health and well-being, including health and behaviour screening and monitoring.

  • Timed exposure – paying attention to your Pup’s developmental stages we practice events and outings that will occur in their lives, at the right time to become familiar and comfortable rather than scary. (I.e. vet visits, nail trimmings, meeting people in uniform etc.)

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