Enriched Daycare for Dogs who do not like Dogs

Do you have a dog who is an absolute sweetheart with people and even with certain dogs, but just doesn’t love ALL dogs ? Thats okay, some dogs are particularly discerning. There can be lots of reasons why being in a group (our groups are only 3-5 dogs) isn’t for them.

  • Breeding – some “bully” breeds and even classes of working dogs were just not bread to be with other dogs.

  • Previous Negative experience / exposure with other dogs

  • Still intact  (have yet to be speyed or neutered) – hormones can negatively influence how your dog will react and indeed how the other dogs treat them.

  • Temperament – just not their thing

Your Dog will enjoy interactive sessions of fun, exercise and stimulation that will be sure to satisfy their need for:

  • Social – they’ll interact with people

  • Purpose – Job

  • Mental – Skill

  • Emotional – Sense of accomplishment and fullment

Jobs for Dogs – Fun For One

The Results are Satisfied and Filled with Purpose, Family Pets !

Book Your Fur Friends Assessment with our Professional Day Care Leaders and Find out more!

  • Minimum comittment 1 day per week

  • Days are pre-assigned (eg. Every Tuesday) and committed to monthly.

  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated including bordatella