Jobs 4 Dogs – Why don’t we call it doggie daycare ?

For millennia, we bred dogs for specific jobs. In the last fifty years, even working breeds are mainly companions only. While dogs love this role, they can’t ignore their instincts.

Royal Pets Hotel’s Jobs for Dogs Daycare combines fun and play with structure and routine. It’s not just about large numbers of dogs engaging in group play, all day. Instead they we are engaging in activities that meet your dog’s core needs while having fun. Your dog will enjoy a mix of playing with friends and one-on-one attention. Every day activities are designed to satisfy :

  • Social

  • Purpose (job)

  • Emotional (Success and Achievement)

  • Mental (skill development)

Enrichment designed to Stimulate your Fur Family

Trained Expert Care

Safety and Behaviour

  • Traditional Dog Daycare – 15-50 dogs in a single play space, often compromising individual attention and safety.

  • Royal Pets Hotel’s Jobs 4 Dogs – Small Group Sizes (5-7) ensure more engagement between your Dog and trained staff, as well as better interactions with other dogs.

Group Dynamics – Behaviour

  • Traditional Dog Daycare – Drop in attendance means groups dynamics change daily, leading to the need for constant monitoring and a stressful environment for dogs.

  • Royal Pets Hotel’s Jobs for Dogs – Assigned Groups and set attendance days mean staff are familiar with each dog and how they interact with each other, enhancing safety  and allowing dogs to relax and enjoy structured activities. Less policing means more interactive and enjoyable experiences.

Play and Rest Balance

  • Traditional Dog Daycare : Continuous play with no breaks from the group. The only rest comes as a consequence of misbehaviour (naughty time outs).

  • Royal Pets Hotel’s Jobs 4 Dogs : Play and activity sessions are  interspersed with rest periods, preventing tempers from flaring and ensuring patience remains high. As a hotel, your dog’s relaxation time is spacious and comfortable.


  • Only Facility in Ontario with PACCC certified staff at all levels (Operator, Managers and Care Providers)

  • Third Party Training provided by The Dog Gurus, experts in Enrichment Dog Daycare

  • Our Supervisors / Trainers are trained by Ontario’s leading Canine Behaviourist (Julie Ott, Canine Foundations)

  • We are certified in providing Fear Free™️ Daycare and Boarding

  • We are members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and abide by the LIMA statement (Least Invasive Minimally Aversive), positive reinforcement techniques !