Casual Attendance / Flexi Sit – Doggie Daycare

We recognize the need for flexible daycare options. Our Flexi-sitting daycare is perfect for those with variable schedules. With our Casual Attendance, your dog can still enjoy all the fun even if your family’s lifestyle doesn’t align with our regular Job 4 Dogs programs. Most importantly, you will never be forced to sacrifice safety. Each day our Flexi’s receive:

  • Social off leash play time – Buddy Play (one to one) with fellow known flexi’s or one on one play with their favourite daycare people.

  • Off Leash Enrichment activity. Our flexi’s will tackle one of the Jobs 4 Dogs™️ activities scheduled for that day (eg. nose work or agility etc)

  • Woodland Walk. Your dog will go on a refreshing woodland walk on one of our groomed trails in our forest.


Safety and Positive Behaviour Always

One to One ratios for Casual Attendance

We understand the importance of social interaction for dogs. While group play isn’t always possible for our casual attendees, we strive to offer buddy play sessions whenever compatible dogs are present. Each day of Flexi Daycare includes two fun off-leash playtimes and a refreshing woodland walk, ensuring a balanced mix of exercise, socialization, and exploration. We are committed to providing enriching experiences for every dog without sacrificing the safety or behaviour of anyone !!

Pay As You Go

Monday to Friday Office hours 9am-5pm

$65.00 / day + HST

Purchase 4 in advance

Monday – Friday 7am-7pm

$260.00 + HST