Royal Pets Essential Service  – As COVID-19 continues to have a dramatic impact across the globe, our top priorities at Royal Pets remains the health and safety of the pets you entrust to our care, in addition to the health and well-being of our employees, and you, our valued clients.

Keeping pets on a routine, including regular exercise and socialization, plays a significant role in maintaining their overall health, so we want to share what we are doing to keep people and pets stay safe here at The Royal Pets Hotel & Spa. We hope this gives you the confidence that your pets are well-cared for, and that you will be safe as you arrive, depart, and interact with our team.

What we are doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep you working ?

As part of our standard practice, we use the pet industry’s most advanced protocols for cleaning and disinfecting accommodations, bedding, bowls, and play areas, multiple times each day. We wash our hands constantly, and always have sanitizers easily accessible for employees and clients use. We have implemented a no customer contact policy and will be following these procedures:

1) Customers will bring dogs into lobby and remove leash and collar – taking those back with them. Our team will communicate through glass.

2) Customer will exit leaving their canine friend in the lobby. We will enter and remove dog using our leashes. These leashes will be assigned one per dog each day and will not be used on any other dogs. Staff will launder leashes at the end of each day.

3) In between each customer, the door handles, and any surfaces touched will be cleaned and disinfected with virucide (our products used regularly are already tested and proven against the family of Coronaviruses). increased ventialtion and air turnover is being used between each customer.

4) We will be doing one on one enrichment and fun activities and only ever do group play with approval.

5) We will be using pet safe sanitation procedures on every pet when they arrive and depart to reduce any chance of their fur being used to transmit.

Our facility was designed for keeping pets healthy and safe. We monitor and maintain proper hygiene and ventilation to eliminate the spread of bacteria and viruses. We believe every pet deserves this level of protection all the time and are making sure that the added contagion doesn’t change this protection.

What is most important is that you remember we are here to help and only a phone call away.  With knowledge we can take the steps necessary to keep each of us as safe as possible, including our four-legged family members. We have a safe and healthy alternative to your pets joining you on that staycation or self isolation, or worse going crazy at home while you work all hours of the day. Just reach out and we can find a way forward for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Your Royal Pets Care-Givers



Phone: 705-726-5034