Diabetic and Special Needs

We are fortunate here at The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa. All of our our experienced and professional caregivers are supervised by Veterinary Technicians. This wealth of experience and training allows us to offer care for our senior, diabetic or even convalescing guests and peice of mind to their pet parents.

We can accomodate a variety or conditions and situations. Alert our staff ahead of time and will work with you to establish the optimal care routine special for your pets.



When Cats stay at the hotel the vast majority settle into the comforting routine within a few hours. Relaxing at the cat hotel our guests take comfort in the routine and quickly settle into their own private suite. Whilst the size is large enough for comfort, it is an easily manageable size for protecting. Cats are the most protective and territorial of our pets. When you go away and leave them at home – they are on duty. It becomes very stressful when that territory is constantly being violated over and over by a caregiver or house sitter.

The key to a successful pet vacation is minimizing stress and keeping them distracted without overwhelming them.

‘Diabetics require special care because the consequences of even the most minor upset are much greater. In fact the same can be said for our senior Cats. A healthy young cat can and will routinely have appetite fluctuations both at home and of course when traveling.

Having staff both experienced in dealing with both inappetance and the consequences is v Anyone can give a standard injection – but it takes a professional with experience to understand when and how to adjust.  It isn’t easy to board Cats and while we make it look easy at Royal Pets, it takes a lot of time and effort to ensure a healthy and happy vacation. So understand that we can take your:

  • diabetic cat
  • senior cat
  • cat receiving pharmaceutical and or physical treatment