Feline Vaccine and Wellness


The safety and wellness of all our feline guests is paramount to us. Our guests come from many different walks of life. Some live in Condo’s, some live in houses with access to enclosed backyards and even others have access to forest and acreage.  While vacationing our guests DO NOT have access to each other for direct contact such as that which may occur during a scuffle or fight. However, they will share air space, and for that reason we do require that all guests, including our Condo Cats, be fully vaccinated. Rabies is by law for the safety of our staff, all others are for the protection of your cat.


✔️FVRCP – or the respiratory combo of your Veterinarian’s choosing

Parasitic Control

All guests are inspected for fleas and ticks on arrival and during their stay. Anyone found to have fleas or ticks will receive treatment at their Pet Parents (owners) cost. Some guests have access to the out of doors when at home and all guests potentially have access to their porches, ether at the hotel, during the summer months. Parasitic control is the responsibility of the pet parents. If you choose to not use seasonal flea and tick treatment that is your choice and Royal Pets Hotel cannot be held responsible.

Intact Males

The ability to take intact (non neutered males) is on a case by case basis. Your fur friend may not have issues of marking (spraying) at home, but may here at the hotel. It is a natural response to the presence of other cats. Adult males who are not neutered and spray while at the hotel, will have an extra cleaning fee added to their stay, and may very well be asked to not attend the hotel again until they are neutered.

Medical and Chronic Health Conditions

Yes we can administer medication (including insulin) while your Cat stays with us. Please discuss all health concerns and medications with our Reservation Specialist when booking.

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