We’ve Providing the Best Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding for 35 years. The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa has been there to help literally 10’s of thousands of families over the years. Visit our history page to understand our beginnings and constant devopment to ensure we are as revolutionary now as we’re then.

Here we want to establish our focus, mission and indeed life’s work.

Expanding services while maintaining our Focus on Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding

Our focus is family pets. We don’t breed. There are many skilled and talented experts who understand their animals and genetics, we leave breeding to them. Instead we choose to focus on the second step, that step that happens when your pet leaves the canine or feline family at 8-12 weeks. At that point you and your human family will take the place of that litter and the parents. Moving forward their lives are different. Whilst they are animals with inherent differences from humans, we all strive to achieve a happy balance. When that balance is achieved,  they no longer co-exist but actually become one of the family in our homes and hearts.

All of us here at Royal Pets Hotel are experts trained in animal behavior and care. We have made that professional distinction to specialize in the love and care of family pets, especially when they are away from home in a dog boarding situation.


We strive to be the resource and service provider to help families of humans and pets lead happy and fulfilled lives with no restrictions. We mean to ensure that even when the ‘people’ must go away, for the day, weeks or months, their dogs and cats don’t have to go back to that now unfamiliar Kennel environment. When they need to seek dog boarding or cat boarding we will be there.

Who are We

Royal Pets Hotel Limited is staffed by a team of devoted pet parents (former customers). The management team brings with them a background in both ‘People’ and Veterinary medicine.  Our care team is comprised of Registered Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Technicians that local veterinary practices kindly let us recruit. Royal Pets Hotel’s pet care professionals are all experienced with dog boarding, cat boarding, pet behavior, rehabilitation and training.

Our History

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