Weekend Recreational Daycare



We know that as much as we want to enjoy our past times with ALL the family, it’s not always possible.  One factor that contributes to our excellent safety record is our group play restrictions.  Our weekend daycare won’t involve group play, however it will involve personalised attention, plenty of fresh air, woodland walks and off leash play with their caregiver and travel companions (if applicable). For our solo travelers we can arrange one on one play dates with another guest, if a suitable match is available.

Doggy Daycare rates for Saturdays and Sundays (pre-booked only)

Perfect for the ski season or coming up to ride at Hardwood, our weekend daycare is available 8:30-5:30 on Saturdays & Sundays for only $60/day.

Our weekend daycare is available from 8:30- to 5:30. We are not able to accommodate special requests for later check outs. Outside of our office hours the gates are locked and trespassers prosecuted. Any pets not collected by 5:30 will be placed in overnight accommodation, applicable charges will be due upon collection. Please note the gates remain locked until 2pm on Sundays and Saturday daycare guest not collected by 5:30pm Saturday will remain guests of the hotel until at least 2pm Sunday and will be liable for all applicable costs.

Are you a member at the Heights of Horseshoe – ask the office about our PawPass exclusively available to members.