Puppy Lodging & Special Needs

Puppy Lodging

We know how special and precious puppies are and the special requirements they have. That’s why we have wonderful puppy programs for our furry little friends to enjoy. While you’re away for the day or a holiday, you can know that your puppy is being loved and pampered just like he was at home. He’ll be the happy, loving puppy while he’s with us and when he goes back home with you.

Special Needs

Because of our highly trained and qualified staff (Veterinary Technicians supervise all caregivers) we are able to not just accommodate guests with many special needs, but can actually work with our pet parents to ensure a fabulous holiday is had by all. So whether you have a puppy /kitten, retiree or medically challenged friend, we can provide the care and peace of mind you need for everyone to enjoy their holiday.

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