What Mum and Dad should Know



For your convenience, overnight Guests may check in any time during our reception hours of:

9am – 5pm Monday through Saturday, and

2pm-5pm on Sundays  (please verify that regular __OFFICE HOURS__  apply to the dates you need) Sundays are always a full day charge, with discounts given for daily activities not yet received.  There is no way to check out early and avoid fees on a Sunday.

For your pet’s enjoyment and comfort we recommend checking in by early afternoon so they can begin enjoying the fun and pampering.



For billing purposes we must have a cut off point where we start to call it a new day. To better manage our rooms and day we have found that 11am, just like people hotels is the point where we would either have a vacant room to prepare for our next guest or indeed start calling it a new day (excluding Sundays where the new day begins at dawn for billing purposes). Departures after 11am will incur our regular lodging charges, actual activity charges will be prorated. You are welcome to leave your pet as late as 5pm on the day of departure so they can continue to participate in all the fun until the minute they depart, but please budget for the appropriate charges.

* Please note that all guests here on Sunday Morning will be charged for the day even if checking out at our first office opening of 2pm, activities will continue to be pro-rated.

Doggie Daycare

Our extended daycare hours are for pre approved pre registered doggie daycare participants only. We are unable to accommodate the office needs of our vacationing (overnight) guests and their parents outside of regular hours, without prior arrangement and management scheduling and approval. Parents of vacation guests will be told to return during regular office hours.



In an effort to maintain consistency and comfort when it comes to your pet’s diet it is always best to bring their accustomed diet from home and we simply ask parents to bring the food pre-portioned and well labeled . We are able to accommodate raw food diets and meals requiring refrigeration or non-standard preparation. Please notify the reservation specialist when booking of any special dietary circumstances, we do have to charge a nominal fee for refrigeration and special handling/dispensing.

For storage purposes we ask that you only provide the amount of food appropriate for your pets stay, plus a couple extra meals in case of travel delays. Dry food should be pre-portioned per meal. Cans should be unopened with instructions on how much per meal. Please note we do not return opened bags or cans of food. We have a quality dry food on stand by for those that forget or run out.

Why do we ask for pre-portioning of kibble ?

  1. pre-portioning allows our staff to double check and know exactly how many meals we have for your pet.
  2. It eliminates all the variations in cup sizes, different sized hands (handfuls) and what one person considers a full cup vs another.
  3. Allows us to safely store the food in our sealed storage area assigned to each pet. We cannot fit 40lb bags or many home storage containers in our sealed storage area.

Vaccination Requirements

The health and safety of each of our guests is very important to us. All guests must have current vaccinations for the following:


  • Rabies (Legal Requirement and mandatory)
  • Distemper/Parvo Virus Combination (Mandatory
  • Bordetella (Mandatory)
  • Leptosporosis Optional
  • C.I.V. is strongly recommended (i.e Optional). Widespread outbreaks in the US and recent confirmed cases in Canada of these highly infectious viruses indicate that adding this to your pets regular immunizations is warranted. While not mandatory at this time – we will soon only be able to take Dogs who receive this protection through vaccine.


  • Rabies (legal requirement and Mandatory)
  • Feline combo such as FVRCP (your pets safety and mandatory)

Documentation from a veterinarian is required from each guest. If your pet requires an updated vaccination during or shortly after their upcoming stay then please make arrangements for the vaccination to be administered no less than 5 days before any grooming service or boarding time is scheduled. If this is not possible we may be able to make arrangements for a private area (grooming only) for an additional charge. We can take puppies only after they have had their 2nd round of vaccines and with a Bordatella vaccine. When getting their vaccines, Puppies should not come to the hotel for at least 10 days following administration of the needles.

Titers will be accepted with proper documentation from your vet that clearly indicates a “valid until” date.

* Whilst the CIV vaccine (canine) has long been licensed by the Canadian Authorities it still may not yet be readily available with your Veterinarian, but please ask. South of the border the disease has caused outbreaks in most of the 50 states. As a result the vaccine has been readily available since the summer of 2009. We do require all pets coming from or having recently visited the US to have this vaccine and booster administered at least 10 days prior to visiting our hotel.

Parasitic Control

During the flea, tick and heartworm season we do require all pets to be under veterinary supervised parasitic control. All pets are examined on arrival and any pets showing signs of fleas or ticks will receive treatment for the protection and comfort of them and our other guests. Please note ticks are very difficult to spot until they have been attached for a good period of time.

Medications and Dietary Supplements

We take great precautions to store all medications and supplements safely and according to the rules governing Controlled Substances in the workplace.  If it is necessary for your pet to receive medication or supplements during their stay, we ask that they come to us in the original container, clearly labeled indicating pet’s name, drug name, dose, frequency and where applicable, the prescribing veterinarian’s contact information.

What Your Pet Should Bring

Whilst you and your pet may want to pack a big suitcase before coming, you are welcome but it is not necessary. We have bowls, bedding and toys that are cleaned and sterilized ready for your pets use. If you wish to bring items from home, we recommend things that will smell of you, or another member of your family.

Beds – we have beds and would ask that you do not bring your pets large bed. If you would like to remove the cover and bring that so they have the familiar smell, we will use this as bedding on our beds.

Toys – Favourite fetch or chew toys are also welcome. Please ensure they are toys that you have used in the past and you are confidant that they would not be a choking hazard.

For our feline guests, we provide litter and trays, we unfortunately do not have storage space for guests to bring their own supply.

We do stress that it is the parents responsibility to ensure all items have been returned prior to leaving the hotel at your holidays end. We are unable to effect a return of pets property once left behind, so please double check before leaving.

Deposits – we refund to store credit only.

Credit card companies have agreed a rate to deliver their services. They reserve the right to change this rate (i.e. cost more money) if they fill there is a high “return” rate. This would affect our entire annual revenue and not just the one individual refund of a deposit. Therefore we DO NOT refund to credit cards. If you have to reschedule your vacation – please do not worry – your deposit will be safe on your account for any future use on any of our services.

Please note – we ask that you do not pay for your entire visit when making a booking. We cannot refund this payment and can only issue a store credit. If you wish to pay based on the estimate when checking in, you are welcome at that point to do so. However we do caution that any extra required care, altered departure time, etc can mean there will still be a balance owing at check out.

Cancellation – refund to store credit

If you need to change or cancel a holiday/vacation period reservation, we ask that you notify us at least 14 days in advance or cancellation fees will apply. Changes or cancellations to a non-holiday/vacation period reservation require three days in advance or cancellation fees will apply. Deposits are non-refundable, however if applicable will be placed on account for you to use at any time for any of our services or products.

Last minute cancellation due to illness etc., remember when making a claim under your travel insurance that the costs incurred here at the hotel should be covered under that claim. Let us know and we will happily provide you with the  documentation your insurance company will need.

Medical Treatment

At Royal Pets, your pet’s safety and well-being are our top priority. In the rare event that your pet requires medical care, we make every effort to contact you or your alternate contact person, your vet, and in consultation with them will have our on call Veterinarian care for your pet here or if necessary we would transport your pet to one of our local treatment centres. All guests participate in our “Pet Gur-rantee Plan” and if applicable costs above that program are met by the pet parent.

Pet Gur-rantee

The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa is in the unique position of being able to offer a Pet Care Warranty that can financially provide vital and when necessary, veterinary care for pets when staying with us. In fact we are able to so for up to 5 days following departure. We are able to offer this Pet Care Warranty because of our excellent care record. This is not insurance but can help to protect you from returning home to unexpected veterinary costs. A nominal fee of $7.00 per pet stay (of 30 days or less) is charged for every guest and is non optional. Some conditions do apply ($ limits, common contagions, breed and pre-existing and or re-curing conditions), full details are available upon check in/out.