Cat Boarding and Superior Care


Cat Boarding in our Cat Hotel is set in an entirely separate building from our Dog Hotel and provides:

  • A comfortable and spacious home-like setting with no cage in sight, NOT your typical Cat Boarding Kennel
  • Lush and critter-laden gardens with plenty of colourful birds to watch.

At Royal Pets Hotel we know that your cat would prefer that they were at home with you. When you go away from home and leave your cat behind you’re feeling guilty and they’re stressed. When you are away they take their guarding duties very seriously and someone other than you visiting them, is not fun. For that reason we have created an oasis of relaxation. While we ensure they feel at home, they know it isn’t and don’t stress about being “on duty”.



Each suite features:

  • Individual climate control systems
  • Spacious personal space
  • Heated window seat/bed with memory foam mattress
  • Multiple height sleeping options
  • Safe and secure outside porch, exclusively their own!
  • Calming music throughout the hotel
  • Full maid and laundry service
  • Room service


Freedom of Movement

Each room has a hatch connecting the inside with the individual outside play areas. In addition, cats are encouraged multiple times a day to explore and satisfy their curiosity outside their own rooms by exploring the rest of the hotel. This is done individually by room and you can rest assured, your cat boarding will have no unscheduled encounters with their feline neighbors. We find they are intrigued by their neighbours and enjoy interacting at a safe distance.

Superior Care

We maintain one of the highest staffing levels in the industry. We believe your pet deserves the best care available and we always ensure there are enough hands and hearts to deliver it. All our staff come to us with experience within pet healthcare and we then train all personnel to the standards demanded by The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa. On going staff training and vocational education is mandatory for all care givers and Veterinary Technicians/supervisors.


Cat Boarding Rates

*Please note Cat Boarding stays are subject to a 2 night minimum charge.



You Provide

  • food (what your feline is accustomed to at home) for the duration of your pets stay. We ask that you provide only enough for your pets stay with only 1-2 extra days. Sorry but storage can become an issue if the entire bag is provided when only staying for short periods of cat boarding.
  • toys if so desired
  • brushes and combs if you have requested regular grooming assistance during your pets vacation. Please note our pricing is based on DSH cats who can have a vacation from grooming when staying at a cat boarding facility. This is NOT because those are the only guests we wish, far from it. Grooming assistance varies so much that we need to rely on you the pet parent to tell us frequency.

We Provide

  • litter – we use a dust free clay based litter. We are unable to provide storage or incorporate litter you may bring from home into our routine. We can make allowances only for cat boarding with  relevant health conditions and at veterinary request.
  • bedding- we provide comfy bedding fresh for each guest – But feel free to bring a blanket or article of clothing that your cat likes to rest on at home.