1982 -2008

Established in 1982, the Royal Pets Hotel was built with one thing in mind, Luxury Boarding Kennels providing Dog Boarding Barrie and the GTA, and Cat Boarding GTA and beyond !



2009 and onward

As customers we appreciated the state of the art facility and ideal country setting of The Royal Pets Hotel. However, as Pet Parents we recognized that our family pets hold a different place in our hearts and homes than they sometimes did with our grandparents and even parents. The typical boarding kennels of days gone by just won’t do. So when we took over after the retirement of the hotel’s founders, we wanted to make some changes for our furry family members. to ensure the best Pet Boarding possible!

Present and Future – New Management, New Outlook, New Comittment

New Management – SUPERIOR CARE

We now maintain amongst the highest staffing levels and definitely standards in Ontario. ¬†All of our caregivers are pet parents themselves, and most actually came to us having been family members of a Royal Pet Guest. ¬†Each team of caregivers is led by a Veterinary Technician, and all staff regardless of previous experience undergo advanced third party training in pet care and behaviour. We work closely with Veterinary Clinics around the province and actively seek their consultation on all our practices. In fact most days of the week you’ll find a furry family member of one of our many veterinary families enjoying a day of daycare or a full vacation. The benefit of our superior care is the highest health and safety standards for your pet and peace of mind for you and your family while using our dog boarding, cat boarding or dog daycare services.


New Outlook – Partnering with families

We recognize the trust and faith it takes to leave a member of your family in our care while you go away, and we do not take that trust for granted.  We know that you, our pet parents, know your pet best and that we need to work together in an open partnership to create a calming retreat for both your cats and dogs.  When we all achieve this it grants you the freedom and ability to make activity, lifestyle and travel choices not always available to you with your furry family members in tow or with the traditional boarding kennel.

Did you know that some pets require more care than others, either because of breed, behaviour, accustomed lifestyle or age ? But its easier to sell an all inclusive price. But how can one price fit all pets if some need/want more time spent with their care? As customers we weren’t given the choice. As providers we are ensuring that Pet Parents are given the respect, choice and opportunity to provide for their pets. Every pet deserves the best, but what is best for one pet may not be best for the next. We make sure that we can cater to all the needs and desires of our many and varied guests.


New Commitment РRaising the Bar in Pet Care and Pet Boarding

As active members of our community and our industry we are committed to providing the most comfortable, fun and rewarding experience for your pet. We will never sacrifice, health, safety or fun in an effort to maximize profits or fit a “one size fits all” model. We are constantly striving to make improvements, expand the professionalism of our profession and respond to the feedback of our guests and their families.